Exploration diaries – Part 6 : Looking around

While perusing through some EVE maps, I found out that the low sec systems that I went to for an escalation a while back actually looped around and connected to another system 3 jumps from my main mission base. That got me curious to take a look through those systems to see if that’s a nice route to take on the days that I don’t feel like doing missions.

Poking around in my hangar reveals a little used Cheetah with a Covert Ops cloak and nothing else. I believe I bought this more than a year ago just to play with the cloak after I finished training Covert Ops. I fit it with a data and relic analyzer and some nanos in the lows as well as a plain old core probe launcher. Noork has pretty basic scanning skills but no harm taking a look.

After my last foray I find myself pretty inured to the thought of jumping into low sec. I used to pause and reconsider every time that warning popped up at the gate, to make sure I was prepared. Now it’s just like “yeah yeah get on with it”. As expected, the gate was clear. There were 2 others in system, but not in sight. I then proceeded with my routine of making a safe and a perch bookmark at each gate.

A few jumps in there was a dead-end system that I thought looked interesting. Unfortunately others had the same idea as there were 3 others in local. On a whim I decided to try to scan down the 3 signatures in system. The first one resolved into a data site so I warped in to see if anyone was there. Hmmm… looks empty. Cans are unopened. Might as well try this out… After locking the cans I flip my overview back to my main tab (loot cans only show up on my loot tab) just in case. It hadn’t occurred to me till now that while hacking I would be floating there uncloaked, and I can’t even align out because I need to stay close to the cans.

First can was hacked in 2 seconds as I got lucky and the system core was only a few nodes away. Even with hacking at 3 it went down with no problem and I got a few decryptors and random parts which I have no idea what they are used for. The second node took a little bit longer but still went down nice and quick, yielding more decryptors and a Amarr Encryption skillbook. The last node looked to contain more decryptors and a blueprint (forget what it was but not too interesting). I started hacking it when I glanced at my overview and noticed a Proteus landing on grid 45 km off.

Immediately I closed the hacking window and selected warp to the first thing that my mouse clicked on, which was ironically not the safe spot I had made (way to miss the point of a safe spot). Fortunately I didn’t get hung up on the container or anything stupid like that and I warped off before he got within 40 km. Well that was the end of my first “PVP encounter” that was not a prearranged RvB fight or a gank.

After that I warped to my safe spot and continued scanning down the other 2 signatures, which proved to be a combat site and a wormhole. Just as I scan down the second the Proteus pilot tells me in local what the other 2 signatures are. Welp, thanks I guess? Can’t do the combat site in an unarmed Cheetah so off I go.

The rest of the trip proves uneventful, with a lot of bookmarking and nothing else. With the warp speed changes in Rubicon, the Cheetah warps REALLY FAST. I don’t have an interceptor for comparison but in some systems I had a hard time making bookmarks before coming out of warp. I didn’t really bother scanning down any other signatures as I was a bit short of time. Mostly I was keeping an eye out for active pilots that had low sec status. I found a couple, but at least they did not seem to be part of any sort of active pirate corp. Most of the pilots I saw seemed to be industrialists, which makes this area seem somewhat promising for further exploration. Unfortunately some research online suggests that doing the combat anomalies in low-sec is a complete waste of time, which sorta nixes my plans to bring in 2 sentry cruisers. I was a bit worried about how safe I would be in those anomalies anyway since anyone can warp to them without even having to probe it out and there aren’t any gates to decloak people.

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