Heart attack

After returning from a conference in Washington, I finally got some time to do a level 4 mission. I had Worlds Collide on offer from my agent, so I was pretty keen to try it out for the first time in Rubicon. After checking over ammo and drones, the Golem and Vargur undocked to mercilessly harvest Sansha and Angel Cartel wreckage.

First up was the Angel Cartel gate. No issues there, although I didn’t MJD jump away to avoid the frigates. Doing so would put the Vargur way out of autocannon falloff, and I wanted to keep on salvaging while shooting to speed up the run. So I deployed Hobgoblin IIs and used the Golem to help nuke the frigates as well with cruise missiles and dual target painters. The final room went swimmingly as well and the Angel Cartel was soon safely reprocessed into salvage and tucked into my cargohold.

After picking up the crew members for mission completion, it was time to finish up the Sansha room. A bit mindful of the annoying Angel frigates, I sent the Golem in first, bastioned up and started shooting. Next the Vargur warped in and immediately started MWDing away to pull range on the frigates and hopefully blap them while they orbit the Golem.

The plan worked initially, however soon I noticed that the Vargur was taking fire from the Sansha battleships. Repper on… ok looks like incoming damage is too high, BASTION ACTIVATED. Check on the Golem to make sure it’s still firing…

Go back to the Vargur… wait shields are at 80% and falling. Is Bastion on? Hmm it’s green… shields are at 70% and falling. Er… hardeners on? Yes they are… shields are at 50%. Umm… mind blanked out. Shields are at 30%.

Ok time to get serious here with these Sansha fools, OVERLOAD BOOSTER! OVERLOAD HARDENER! OVERLOAD DAMAGE CONTROL wait I can’t. Grr stupid Sansha giving me a repair bill, the audacity… shields still falling. Mummy? The first few shots bite chunks into the Vargur’s armor.

At this point I tell my wife who’s sitting beside me “Oh shit I’m going to lose this ship”. I’m also a bit amazed that the incoming damage is so high that even while Bastioned my overloaded tank is failing. Granted it’s only 2 slots and weakest against Sansha, but even then it’s a 975 dps tank. I shudder to think about those people who put a medium repper on their Marauder because “you only need a 400 dps tank”. Maybe if they MJD away from everything and do weaksauce damage…

While I was preparing to buy a new Vargur, suddenly the clouds of despair parted and hope flashed like the journal informing me of yummy bounty ticks. MJD! Bastion was 3/4 of the way through a cycle, so I turned it off and began preparing to engage in a mad clickfest. And…. go! Bastion off, MJDMJDMJDMJDMJDMJDMJDMJD and the Vargur squirted 100 km away from the perplexed Sansha frigates and their puny points with 30% armor and 20% capacitor left. A few seconds later and the Vargur warped off to a random asteroid belt to lick its wounds, leaving behind 5 valiant Hobgoblin IIs.

All this while however the Golem has been sitting there idly lobbing cruise missiles. I prepared myself to gtfo again, but somehow the incoming damage didn’t spike like it did with the Vargur and I could easily keep it at 100% shields. After a couple of minutes the Vargur reentered the fray, eager for revenge, and in short order there was only the looting and salvaging left. Oh and the pickup of 3 surviving Hobgobs! You did well, little drones.

Shortly after returning to base, the missioneers around the station were treated to the sight of a sheepish looking Vargur undocking and Bastioning up at the undock with an odd assortment of armor reppers…

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