Christmas break

This December is a pretty busy time for us. Just after returning from a 4 day trip to Washington, I’ll soon be flying to my sister’s place in San Francisco for Christmas. So it looks like nothing much is going to happen EVE-wise for this whole month.

However, before leaving I did manage to finish my side project…

Look what the Sisters gave me!

Look what the Sisters gave me!

Well maybe “gave” is not the right word, but 120,000 LP on 2 characters went by a bit faster than I expected. Yannie also almost has 8.0 standing with SOE by now, which may come in handy to install jump clones all over the universe. In order to bring the BPCs to my manufacturing station, I bought a Raptor interceptor. Man the thing is ugly, but it sure is fast. With two inertia stabilizers it warps in 2 seconds and turns on a dime. Of course I still didn’t use autopilot with 2 Stratios BPCs in my hold going through Niarja. A few hours later, I could finally pop into my space whambulance.

Squid + hot rod

Squid + hot rod

Not a big fan of the circle thing but I like the little radar thing on the hood that spins around. Haven’t fitted it yet, that’ll have to wait till I get back.

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