I’m a pretty sedentary person, and it always feels good coming back home after a long trip. 10 days in San Fransisco was definitely fun but also very tiring, especially as we had to spend time taking care of my sister’s daughter as well as our son. The weather there is definitely much better, but the people aren’t as friendly either. It was only there that I realised how much I like the friendly, laid-back southern atmosphere here. The roads were full of scowling aggressive drivers, while here people will patiently wait and smile at you while you slowly cross pedestrian crossings with a wandering 4 year old.

Being around my sister’s family also made me feel very thankful for my own family. Now I can really see what a great job my wife does with our family and how well she takes care of her two boys, one big and one small. Also dealing with my sister’s daughter reinforced how much I dislike small girls (pink, princesses, dress up… ugh) and how lucky I am to have a relatively very well-behaved boy who runs around pretending to be a robot that transforms into a car. He got a ton of loot from Christmas which just filled up the house even more, but most of it is stuff that we can play with him like Legos and my old Lasy set so I get to enjoy them too.

While I was at my sister’s place I didn’t have any time for EVE except updating orders once or twice. However, a look at the market shows that I’m not alone in this (unsurprisingly). There’s very little liquidity resulting in crazy high prices. Amazingly even with the 2 weeks spent traveling I’ve still managed to pull in 3.1 billion ISK so far just from trading, so that easily pays for the skill training. My alt is learning T2 sentries for the Stratios, while my main is on Trajectory Analysis 5 just because it was kinda the right length of time.

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