EVE Funk

Even though I’ve been back, I have not been spending much time at all on EVE. I tend to get the most excited and eager to play when I have a new project I’m planning, like a new ship to train for and buy and fit. Just before I left for my Christmas vacation, I finished my side project of earning enough LP for two Stratios cruisers. I flew them back to my base and popped them into my manufacturing oven. And ever since then they have been sitting there, untouched and not even fitted.

Part of the reason is that I am waiting for Yannie to finish training T2 sentries. Well now that’s done with, along with Gallente Cruiser IV. Now Amarr Cruiser IV is chugging along, but I still can’t muster the enthusiasm to jump clone back to Amarr space to try exploring again. Missioning in my Marauders is still fun, but the novelty of Bastion has worn off and I don’t have an LP goal to work for anymore.

Lately I’ve been pondering getting into wormholes again. I have some little experience of participating in some wormhole operations with my former corp. If I remember correctly, they had a POS in a C2 with a C4 static and a high-sec static. After about an hour of reading up on wormholes (since my previous knowledge was next to zero) I now know that that’s a pretty nice hole. I think it might prove interesting to set up a POS, which I’ve never done before, and live a nice secluded life in a C1-C3 hole. It sounds nice, but when I start to think about the details involved I get second thoughts. I’d need a medium tower at least, which would cost 300M ISK a month in fuel whether or not I log on frequently. I’d need to find (or buy) a nice secluded hole where I won’t be bothered by anyone else. This probably means a C1, C2 or C3 with a low-sec connection. I’m not as bothered by low-sec as I was in the past, and a high-sec static means a LOT more traffic. A C4 hole sounds like quite a bit more hassle to handle the logistics, although they are supposed to be much more deserted.

At the end of the day though, I wouldn’t really be doing it for the ISK although that’s always nice. It would be more to try things out, although I suspect that grinding sleepers isn’t exactly exciting (in fact what I remember of my previous wormhole ops was even more mind-numbingly boring than missions). The major problem is the hassle of fueling the tower and other logistics issues. I don’t want to have to spend hours every month hauling stuff. Hmmm. I dunno. I’ve read about possibly living out of an Orca instead, but that doesn’t sound like it would give me enough space, plus I’d be out a pilot that always has to sit in the Orca.


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