Peeking down the rabbit hole

The idea of getting into wormholes continues to intrigue me. I tried a POS fitting tool to set up a Large Caldari Tower, “Dickstar” mode of course. Then I realised it gulps 960 fuel blocks a day, which is almost 20 million ISK, and the tower can only hold 3 weeks of fuel at once. Seems kind of excessive in terms of the logistics of refuelling. I could produce some of the necessary fuel components through PI, but then I’d still need the ice mining components to make the fuel blocks.

So a tower still seems kinda excessive when I still don’t even know how much I’d enjoy dual-boxing in a hole. Then it struck me that I should, you know, just go try it out! It shouldn’t be that hard to do a wormhole day-trip into a (hopefully empty) C1-C3 to try things out. I then spent a while EFT-spazzing, as opposed to EFT-warrioring which requires you to actually know what you’re doing. At first I really wanted to go with dual RR Dominixes, because I had just finished T2 Sentries with Yannie and damn it if I wasn’t going to use it!

[Dominix, RR WH]

2x Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter II
2x Large Remote Armor Repairer II
2x Drone Link Augmentor I

Large Micro Jump Drive
Sensor Booster II (Scan Resolution Script)
3x Omnidirectional Tracking Link II

Damage Control II
2x Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Armor Explosive Hardener II
3x Drone Damage Amplifier II

2x Large Remote Repair Augmentor I
Large Trimark Armor Pump I

5x Garde II
5x Bouncer II
5x Hobgoblin II
5x Hammerhead II
5x Vespa EC-600

Pretty standard wormhole remote repair fit. I like it since it gives almost a 600 dps tank with plenty of cap from the transfers. Also gives 700 dps from Garde II’s out to 68/12 optimal/falloff and tracking of 0.08, which is really nice. The MJD would let me reposition easily to blap orbiting Sleeper frigates, as well as letting me escape points and most importantly WARP BUBBLES.

So the only downsides are that battleships can’t go into C1 holes, which sort of limits my options. I’m also not sure how fast it would destabilize a C2/C3 hole, I don’t want to get trapped in there. I planned to carry a core probe launcher and a mobile depot to refit (together with everyone’s favourite warp core stabilizers) but still it would be a hassle to find the new exit is 47 jumps away or something like that. Also, the 174 million ISK price tag per Dominix hull is a little bit on the high side for a complete wormhole noob to try out. I still remember buying my first Dominix, also my first battleship, so long ago for 60 million ISK. Ah, the good old days when PLEX were 280 million…

So then I started looking at battlecruiser hulls, which would let me go into C1-C3 holes. Of course so would Tengus, but yeah that’s a bit more than I want to risk at the moment. First try was just downgrading the Dominix fit to dual RR Myrmidons, because SENTRIES. I really wanted sentries because then I could just assign them to one pilot and let me pay full attention to a single client.

[Myrmidon, WH RR]

2x Medium Remote Armor Repairer II
2x Medium Remote Capacitor Transmitter II
Drone Link Augmentor I

Sensor Booster II
3x Omnidirectional Tracking Link II
Cap Recharger II

Armor Explosive Hardener II
2x Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Damage Control II
2x Drone Damage Amplifier II

2x Medium Remote Repair Augmentor I
Medium Processor Overclocking Unit I

4x Garde II
5x Vespa EC-600
5x Hammerhead II

However this only gives me a 290 dps tank, which I don’t think is sufficient for a C3. Also I’m not too sure how well 10 Hammerhead IIs would be able to handle orbiting frigates, since there’s no way to pull range for sentries once they get close. Using a dual MAR local tank with dual cap transfers would give me a 400 dps tank that’s stable at around 43%, but it’s a bit risky since it would require a lot of juggling with the reppers and cap transfers and still wouldn’t solve the problem of orbiting frigates.

Looking through every other racial battlecruiser doesn’t really give any other options, they’re all lacking tank with or without RR. Except… the Drake. Looks like the old wormhole favourite is still ideal for the task.

[Drake, WH passive]

6x Heavy Missile Launcher II (Scourge Heavy Missile)
Core Probe Launcher I (Core Scanner Probe I)

2x Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
EM Ward Amplifier II
Thermic Dissipation Amplifier II
2x Large Shield Extender II

2x Shield Power Relay II
2x Ballistic Control System II

3x Medium Core Defense Field Purger I

5x Hobgoblin II

449 dps tank, 377/285 dps with and without drones. Has the advantage of not giving a shit which side is pointed where or where the hell it is on grid, meaning I can always stay aligned instead of stationary/orbiting sentries. Still cheap, and in fact I have quite a few Drake BPCs on hand. Only thing is I’m not sure how well those heavy missiles hit frigates without rigor rigs or target painters, I’d have to fill up my cargohold with Scourges, and I’d have to constantly switch between two clients. The DPS pales in comparison to sentries, but I think I have to resign myself to the fact that Gardes make everything look bad.

Each ship would carry a mobile depot with the omnipresent warp core stabilizers and a full rack of salvagers and tractors (or maybe a mobile tractor unit instead) to refit for salvaging when the site is done. Of course, I could always just do it with one combat ship and clean up with a salvage ship after that too, but that’s less fun. May be smarter though, hmm.

So after all this planning, I went ahead and popped a Drake BPC into the manufacturing oven. It should be done by now, I just have to deliver it and fit it to join the other Drake I already have prepped.

Now that I’m all set for a wormhole daytrip, I went ahead and re-applied to my old corp, neatly voiding all my planning since they have (hopefully not HAD) a station in a C2 with a C4 static and a high-sec static. If that station is still around, that would give me the benefits of a tower without the hassle of setting one up myself. On times where no one is around, I could maybe farm the local sites in the C2. Ideally though I’d want to farm the C4 since they are less populated, and I can roll the static to find a good one. But I don’t think dual RR-Dominixes can do C4 sites, so I’ll have to see… maybe eventually I’ll be gung-ho enough to bring in dual Marauders.


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