Well Rubicon 1.1 dropped yesterday and did not completely crash the game, so another resounding success by CCP I suppose. I think the changes that are relevant to me are the nerfing of target painters and requiring Omnidirectional Tracking Links to be scripted just like Targeting Computers. I can live with the target painter change and the OTLs were frankly pretty overpowered to begin with, especially in combination with Garde IIs. I don’t think there’s much of an issue with them being scripted as you don’t need that much tracking at range anyway, and Garde II tracking is decent by itself.

However the best news is that EVEHQ finally updated and fixed a bug in their reports that left out the summary total in transaction trading reports. So now I can finally stop copying and pasting the list into Excel just to get a sum of the profits. From Jan 1-29 I currently have 4.2 billion ISK profit, but unfortunately PLEX prices didn’t go down from the PLEX sale.

Another plus side is that I finally got cleared through recruitment for my old corp, now I have to find a good time to plan my wormhole deployment. The new mobile microjump structure actually sounds pretty good in terms of allowing me to use sub-BS class sentry ships, since they would let me ping-pong Myrmidons between two such structures and hence let the sentries easily hit Sleeper frigates. Also immunity to warp disruptors, yum.

Nothing much to say about the capital slugfest in BR-5RB, except that every time I see the system name I just think “BRB” which is probably a good predictor of what is going to happen to all those lost capitals. I find it amusing that Gevlon thinks all big fights should be done with capitals though, I don’t think he has ever grown out of the “Big Ship Syndrome” that most new players start with and thinks that Titans are the be-all-end-all ship that everyone should aspire to. Probably because he hasn’t actually done anything requiring combat such as missions or incursions and instead spent all his time hauling and trading (or ganking).

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