Random Schadenfreude

I’ve joined my new (old) corp with both Noork and Yannie, only to find that the alliance has been war-decced by Marmite, Gevlon’s Jita-camping friends. At the same time, some Goons are attacking some alliance assets in Syndicate, resulting in the Syndicate players also having a hard time undocking. The corp policy is not to undock for any kind of PVE activity while under a high-sec wardec, which I have no problems with as it makes a whole lot of sense. So I’m basically just updating orders and skill training and watching people complain in corp chat that they can’t mission to make their subscription due to the wardec. Kek.

A couple of days ago I was driving home from grocery shopping with the wife and kid. As I was moving off from a 4-way intersection after the light turned green, a grey BMW suddenly cut around in front of me and sped off. Within 10 seconds I heard police sirens and made way for a police car which magically materialized from nowhere and promptly pulled the grey BMW over at a side lot. My only thought? CONCORDOKKEN’ED!

Last week in Marvel Puzzle Quest, there was a week-long event called Thick as Thieves which consisted of a main event and a sub-event every day. You could do repeatable PVE missions in both the main and sub-event with points that reset every 8 hours, with the winners in each sub-event getting covers for Wolverine (Patch) and the winners in the main-event getting covers for a new character, Daredevil. This event was also the first time the developers introduced a scaling system for enemy levels. As players completed missions, the levels of enemy NPCs would increase, from level 17 up to a maximum of 230. The scaling affected all sub-events and the main event as well and did not reset with a new sub-event. So a lot of players wound up facing all level 230 enemies after the first sub-event because they grinded the repeatable missions like crazy. However, it was discovered and even posted in the forums that “tanking”, or intentionally losing missions, would decrease the levels of the enemies. So my wife and I would just do the PVE missions every 8 hours, and in between use our characters to enter battle, retreat, etc. This way our opponents stayed at minimum level all the time and it was really easy for us to finish all the missions. We managed to place either 1 or 2 for almost all the sub-events and in the end my wife finished 1st in the main event, while I placed top 10 because I ran out of time (wasted it doing the sub-event even though I was clearly already in 1st place).

The funniest part was the shit-storm that hit the forums after that where so many players complained about losing to scrubs with low-level characters (you can see the rosters of other players). There were rampant accusations of cheating and unbalanced missions, normally also accompanied by the comment “and I refuse to tank missions”. The best part was when the player who eventually ended up number 2, losing to my wife, posted about how he was overtaken in the last minute by “someone who was probably using money to buy boosts because otherwise it’s impossible they could have gained points so fast”. When my wife read that she literally danced a jig of joy in the middle of the room. We had already maxed out our Wolverine covers and didn’t particularly want Daredevil, but decided in the end to reach top placement just to annoy all the people who were too dumb to tank. Seriously why in the world would you fight level 230 enemies when you can keep them down at <30 just by taking a half hour during the day when you're not playing to just enter battle, retreat repeatedly.

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