Guess I’m not alone

Well a while back Wilhelm mentioned that he only encountered 2 people in the blog banter which mentioned EVE’s horrible community. With the release of the news about the EVE monument, I guess it’s a lot more than 2 people now?

About the monument itself… well honestly I’m kinda indifferent about it. First of all, I will NEVER EVER EVER go to Iceland because I hate cold weather and the food does not interest me (other than curiosity about whether people actually eat the famous rotten shark that was featured on one of those “most horrible foods in the world” shows). Secondly, I generally have zero appreciation for any kind of sculpture. So I guess I think of it as a nice gesture, just not my specific area of interest. But hey, I’m going to be subscribed to the game at the deadline anyway so I guess I’ll have 2 names on the thing.

But as usual we have the usual raging mob frothing at the mouth, pitchforks at hand. There are the usual middle-management types saying “if only there wasn’t a timer, then it would have been ok”. As I’ve said before, EVE’s playerbase has been spoilt into thinking they are somehow shareholders in CCP or something. If the game is so broken that CCP should be pouring every single cent into fixing it, then perhaps it would be a good idea to stop playing it? Evehermit’s post about it actually has the most appropriate title in my opinion. You’d think a bunch of juvenile e-thugs would be happy to have their names immortalized for doing basically nothing.

Personally I feel that EVE would benefit greatly from an exodus of about 50% of the playerbase, but obviously this isn’t going to be a view popular with CCP…


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