March already… and war returns

Wow it feels like February has just completely flown by. I was originally working towards getting my PhD proposal out by the end of February but unfortunately it has not happened. It’s been a real slog writing up my proposal, and sometimes I spend hours at my desk and end up with just half a page of stuff. My difficulties in writing my proposal have also translated into a reluctance to write anything on this blog as well.

Not that anything happened to write about… but still…

At the end of February, my trading earned me 2.8 billion ISK, which was a touch down from what I originally estimated. But also not surprising given that I didn’t even update my orders every day. I had been speculating on a few Stratios hulls a while back and it looks like I’m going to make a slight loss on them now that the price seems to be very reliably trending around the 300 million ISK mark. I knew that the ridiculous prices were not going to last (in fact it’s still ridiculous, just slightly less so) so it was a bit of a gamble but oh well. I’m probably going to lose about a 100 million total, or I could just keep the hulls for personal use since I really like the combination of firepower and covert ops cloak.

Since I wasn’t really doing anything in the wormhole, I took advantage of a high-sec static that dumped me out 5 jumps from Amarr to move both Drakes back into known space. For a while now I’m been pondering what to train, and I thought that I might need to pick up some skillbooks in the near future. Right now, for lack of better options Noork is finally training Large Hybrid Turrets 5 to complete his T2 gunnery skills. Even though I generally dislike both blasters and railguns, I guess I might actually want to fly a Kronos at some time just to round out my Marauder collection. Another alternative would be to train every sub-cap racial hull to 5, but I just don’t see the use of a lot of them. I have Caldari and Gallente Cruiser to 5, and Minmatar frigates to 5. How useful are the Amarr and Minmatar T3s and T2s in PVE? I could also actually train for my Archon that’s still packaged in low-sec…

Unfortunately, it also looks like I won’t be doing that much in EVE for a couple of weeks more because the corp is now under 2 new war-decs. Sigh, such is life in a biggish corp I guess. At least I finally passed the 80 billion “milestone” (all cash and assets combined) which I’ve been hovering near for a while. Until I need to buy 2 more PLEX, that is.


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