Pit stop

I previously mentioned that I was applying to rejoin my previous corp. However, the process has turned out to be a long wait. They are not currently recruiting actually, but the fact that I was a previous member lets me rejoin. After filling in the 3 page long application form (again) and resending character API keys, now I’m just waiting for a recruitment chat. Unfortunately I haven’t been logging on to EVE all that much and during the times when I am on, no recruitment officer was available in the recruitment channel. Now they have said that recruitment is on hold due to a new wardec.

Kinda reminds me again of why I prefer solo play… I’m slightly regretting reapplying at this moment. Part of it was that in their due diligence of examining character APIs, the recruitment officer reminded me about my loss of a 3 billion ISK Bestower. Yes yes, I know it happened, in fact I did put a post of it up in the forums telling everyone how it happened you know. I know he was just trying to help and remind me not to do stupid stuff, but yet it felt a little bit like nagging and patronizing. That’s one thing I definitely like about being solo, at least after doing something dumb and losing an expensive ship you don’t get nagged about it afterwards.

On a separate note, I am completely flabberghasted at how so many EVE players seem to think that EVE has a great community. I can only conclude that either I completely do not understand the meaning of the word “community” or this is the most spectacular display of in-group bias I have ever seen. “We may scam, grief, gank, AWOX and verbally abuse everyone, but we’re a great community”. Just look at the EVE forums.


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