Still in recruitment limbo

Finally got my recruitment chat done with the corp. It’s primarily an Aussie corp so that might explain the difficulty in finding people. However if I go into wormholing I’m prepared to solo or dual-box already anyway so I won’t wilt from lack of people in my time-zone anyway. Supposedly there is quite a lot of activity down in Syndicate with the alliance in US time zones, I might actually try that out too. Hopefully my application will get cleared in the next few days, after which I can start on the wormhole project.

In the meantime, I’m training T2 heavy assault missiles so I can try the HAMgu for wormhole sites. I’ve slowed down my trading activities too, updating orders mostly once a day instead of twice. I’m still on track to make more than 4 billion ISK in January despite very limited activity, so it’s still good.

On a totally random note, I find it absolutely incredible that there are actually people who will spend their time doing public courier contracts. Man, that is the very definition of sweatshop work… even mining is more fun than that >.<

Most of my time has been spent playing Marvel Puzzle Quest, which very surprisingly my wife has really taken to despite knowing next to nothing about comics and superheros. She's definitely an Achiever though and will rabidly farm for things. She also has much better luck than me and pulls so many more useful characters from the random recruitment tokens.

Assassin's Creed : Black Flag is also getting some playtime from me, at about 29% story completion now. Nice graphics, very nicely done ship fighting and has all sorts of lists to tick off, which really float my boat (har har har).

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